With its long history in industrial archaeology as an outstanding mining community of the Mediterranean a few centuries ago, Serifos is one of the most intriguing and easy going islands of the Cyclades. Its unique genuine environment and relaxed rythyms will make you lose track of time.

Location: Cyclades

Capital: Serifos town
Size: 75 km2
Accessibility: By ferry from Piraeus port (3-5 hours) or by flying to Milos or Mykonos which are connected to Serifos

Serifos is located in the western Cyclades, south of Kythnos and northwest of Sifnos. It is part of the Milos regional unit. Its main attractions are some excellent beaches, and an unspoiled whitewashed cubistic traditional Cycladic Hora (main town). Serifos was a significant city-stay in classical Greece and played a part in the Persian and subsequent wars. The Romans used it as a place of political exile. In subsequent history, Serifos has been pretty much a backwater. The island is more barren than even most of the Cyclades, despite the fact that it is well watered by natural springs.




The emblematic mine remainants in Megalo Livadi
Driving around the bare, and wild landscapes of the island
Discovering secluded swimming spots for the utmost privacy
Snorkeling in the crystal blue waters, and finding the famous "eye of the sea" sea shells
Grabbing some fresh fruit and plenty of water and spending the day on one of the 72 beaches (!)




DON'T MISS having some ouzo and 'meze' at Stratos' place in the main square in Hora
Go for a drink at the yacht club at Livadi area
Spend the day at Sykamia beach and have a casual early dinner at the local taverna - no schedule, just letting go to the island's rhythm

Events calendar

Holy Spirit celebration

June 3rd, 2017: a feast takes place at Mavra Voladia, accompanied by music, food and wine

Serifos Sunset race

Every September, a running and swimming race takes place. (1-3 September 2017)

Festival of Serifos

Cultural and musical events take place in several locations around the island

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