Spetses is the greenest island of the Saronic Gulf, with pine forests that hide charming pebbly beaches and rocky coves. Located only 15 minutes from the Peloponnesian mainland, Spetses is a popular getaway for the cosmopolitan Athenians. Spetses retains much of the grandeur and elegance of the past, when the island was a maritime trading center. The island’s naval tradition is reflected in its beautiful architecture. The main town is peppered with handsome archontika (mansions), decorated with mosaic floors and pebbled courtyards. Most of these mansions used to belong to captains, shipping magnates and merchants who made their fortunes during the Napoleon wars. Cars are allowed only to the locals and their use is restricted in an effort to preserve the island’s character and natural beauty. Spetses is also quite famous for its nightlife, offering a wide variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that extend along the waterfront.