Sifnos is a charming island that has long been a favorite among the Greeks, attracting more sophisticated crowds. Sifnos has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest of the Cyclades. The island masks its charms behind a seemingly barren setting of hills, which gives way to a rich landscape. Olive groves, almond trees and aromatic herbs cover the hillsides. Old monasteries, dovecotes and watchtowers stand silently on the summits of hills. The main villages are built on top of hills and are linked together by old paths. The architecture is typical Cycladic, with white washed houses contrasting sharply with the deep blue sea. The island has a number of beaches along the southern coast with fine amber sand. Famed for its cooking, Sifnos offers a wide range of upscale restaurants that serve local and international dishes. The nightlife is vibrant, with stylish bars and bouncing nightclubs almost in every village.