Santorini’s picture-perfect sceneries have made it one of the most photographed islands of the world. The surreal landscape is the result of a huge volcanic eruption that took place 3.500 years ago. The eruption caused three quarters of the island to sink and created what later became the island’s showpiece caldera. Even the beaches are part of the fairytale scenery, taking their names from the colors of the cliffs that hang above them. Still watched over by the smoldering volcano, the amphitheatrically built houses of the caldera attract thousands of visitors every year. Despite its rapid touristic development, the island has maintained its character. Candlelit cafés and a vibrant nightlife compliment the dreamlike setting of the caldera at Fira, the town of Santorini. Picturesque villages such as Perissa, Imerovigli and Perivolos are scattered all over the island, while visitors gather at Oia to enjoy Santorini’s famous sunsets.