Samos is a beautiful, green island that belongs to the East Aegean complex. The landscape is rich, with lush forested mountains, hills carpeted with cypress and pine trees and almost tropical beaches. Equally rich is the history of the island, that goes back to the ancient times. Samos was home of many philosophers and mathematicians such as Epicure, Aristarchus and Pythagoras. Also, it was considered the home of Hera, wife of Zeus. Hera was the protector of Samos and many monuments dedicated to her are preserved to today. Samos carries its mythical background with grace, but it has more to offer than its archaeological sites. The difficult terrain of the inland hides the most beautiful, unspoilt villages that are certainly worth visiting. The charming seafront towns of Vathi and Pythagorio have a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars and nightclubs and a wide range of restaurants that serve the famous local wine.