Once inhabited by pirates, charming Koufonisia is a complex of three tiny islands that belong to the Cyclades complex. The cluster comprises of Pano and Kato Koufonisi and the uninhabited island of Keros, which is a protected archaeological site. Kato Koufonisi, a secluded paradise with an almost tropical landscape, is more or less uninhabited. Pano Koufosnisi is the only developed among the three, with about 350 inhabitants, and has become very popular over the last decade. The landscape is enchanting, featuring suburb beaches with crystal clear waters and secluded rocky coves. The main village and port is a picturesque settlement with a sandy beach and a number of restaurants, cafes and bars. The beach of Italida attracts most of the tourists that visit the island. The most distant and impressive is Pori, an almost tropical beach with fine white sand and turquoise waters. The sea caves that were once used as a cache from the pirates, hide a few charming two person bays.