Kea - Tzia

Kea or Tzia is the northern and one of the bigger islands of the Cycladic complex. Being close to Attica, Kea is a favorite weekend getaway and a natural bridge that connects the mainland to the rest of the Cycladic isles. The island’s mountainous interior hides verdant valleys carpeted with wild flowers, herbs and imposing oak trees. The coastline offers a variety of beautiful sandy beaches and secluded coves. Caves that are half covered by the sea are waiting to be explored. The two main settlements of the island are Ioulida, the inland town of Kea, and the port of Korissia. Ioulida carries its charm quietly, with its stone paved narrow alleys twisting and turning among traditional houses with red tile roofs. Korissia is ideally situated in the natural bay of Agios Nikolaos. The settlement offers a wide variety of cafes, restaurants and bars that will satisfy every taste.