An enchanting Island - a long-standing favourite among Greeks - Sifnos attracts more sophisticated crowds, which enjoy its elegant, yet authentic, environment. Distinguished for its local cuisine and picturesque settings, Sifnos satisfies all five senses in true cycladic fashion.


Location: Southern Greece
Capital: Apollonia
Size: 73,94 km2
Accessibility: By ferry from Piraeus and occasionally from Lavrion port

Sifnos possesses some unique features that make it stand out from the rest of the Cyclades. The island masks its charms behind a seemingly barren setting of hills, which gives way to a rich landscape. Olive groves, almond trees and aromatic herbs cover the hillsides. Old monasteries, dovecotes and watchtowers stand silently on the summits of hills. The main villages are built on top and are linked by old paths. The architecture is typical Cycladic, white contrasting sharply with blue. A number of beaches dot the southern coast with fine amber sand. Famed for its cuisine, Sifnos offers a wide range of upscale restaurants that serve local and international dishes. The nightlife is vibrant, with stylish bars and bouncing nightclubs to be found almost in every village.




Night strolling in the alleys of Kastro, which is perched on a steep hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. A rum cocktail during sunset in Kavos Sunrise bar in Kastro, a local institution. Laying under the shade of the tamarisk trees on the tranquil Apokofto beach. Omega3 restaurant in Platis Gialos for its inspired menu and top quality of service.



Sip the best Greek coffee at the traditional kafeneio of Drakakis in Apollonia. Marvel at the splendid mansions (archontika) in the village of Artemonas. Visit one of the pottery shops, see the craftsmen in action and take part in a pottery lesson. Enjoy a revithada, the famous chickpea soup and taste the local manoura cheese that gets soaked in wine and wine remains, acquiring a unique taste and aroma.

Events calendar

Radioactive STREET PARTY

Every August a street party takes place in Artemonas, organized by Radioactive Radio Station

Gastronomy Festival

The three-day“Nikolaos Tselementes” Festival of Cycladic gastronomy in early September attracts sophisticated foodies


On August 15th, traditional celebrations (panigyria) are held in several villages, honouring the Dormition of Virgin Mary

Panagia Chryssopigi

Two Fridays after Orthodox Easter Sunday, this celebration is the island’s most important religious festival