Antiparos is a beautiful small island located at the heart of the Cyclades complex, very close to the known isle of Paros


Location: Cyclades

Capital: Hora
Size: 45,82 km2
Accessibility: By getting a 10' ferry from Paros


Scattered churches, stark white houses and a variety of beautiful beaches made Antiparos a very popular day trip destination. Yet the visitors were captivated by the serene landscapes and easy-going atmosphere and overtime, the island gained a reputation as an alternative vacation haven.
The main village is a charming, friendly place, built around an imposing Enetic castle. Attracting more sophisticated crowds, Antiparos is the ideal destination for those who wish to escape from the mainstream but still enjoy the peaceful landscapes and laid back lifestyle of the islands.


The busy waterfront where the streets run deep inland, leading to quiet alleys with flower filled houses.

The laid back lifestyle and peaceful landscapes

The Cave of Antiparos, one of the oldest caves in Europe

Watching a movie in the open air cinema on a breezy summer night 



Don't miss having an ice cream at Vicky's

Have early dinner after a long day at the beach at the Soros taverna

Experience the nightlife buzz of the tiny island by going for a cocktail at Boogaloo

Events calendar

Ai Giannis festival

23rd-24th of June: where locals gather in town around a fire, reviving the old tradition of Klidonas.

Agia Marina celebration

A 3-day celebration in honour of Agia Marina, with orchestras, sailing competitions and theatrical plays, taking place on the 15th of July

Virgin Mary celebration

Every 7th of September in the chapel of Panagia Faneromeni