See Greece in a new light.

Experience Greece in a discreet manner, without the crowds, the noise or the hustle and bustle. Greece’s true character lies in its hidden gems and best-kept secrets. One of these is seeing Greece in its sublime off-peak season—arguably at its most beautiful. The sea is still warm; the beaches are tranquil & uncluttered. The Aegean sun is still shimmering and waiting to be basked in. Greece’s lingering summer is an extended season that lasts a minimum of 7 months a year, rarely ever dipping below 25 degrees Celsius.

The off season brings a more poetic setting to unwind in. Peruse the bohemian fishing villages, absorb the picturesque vantage points, the seemingly painted seascapes and coastlines - see the country in her authentic unspoilt beauty.

Enjoy your own discreet and private escape for a fraction of the cost with the offseason prices. This is your opportunity to disconnect, unwind and truly choose your own tempo.

Leave it to us, we’ve thought of every detail and whim for you - such as cozy blankets to curl up in and warm spiced wine or rakomelo to sip on. We welcome you to experience the warm, nourishing traditional dishes that the Greeks enjoy during the wintertime. All selected villas in our off season portfolio are balmy; they have heat and are well insulated—ensuring the utmost comfort during your stay. Plan a trip with us and experience the off season’s charming natural beauty.