Located only two hours from the mainland, Andros is one of the most popular getaways for the Athenians. Although it belongs to the mostly infertile Cycladic complex, Andros is a verdant island. Its lush valleys and imposing mountains are complimented by no less than 300 sandy beaches. The island carries a rich naval tradition which is eminent in its architecture. The neoclassical 19th century mansions which belonged to the captains grant the main town, Hora, an air of old-style elegance. Together with Hora, the unpretentious port of Gavrio and the colorful resort of Batsi attract most of the visitors. A network of footpaths and country roads via the pine and mulberry forests lead to pretty villages and mountain springs. In addition, Andros has a fascinating archaeological and cultural heritage, with plenty of museums to visit and historic sites to explore.